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Welcome to sclcadapter.com! Please check out our high quality SC to LC Fiber Optic Adapters. Our SC to LC Adapters are available in Female to Female and Male to Female configurations. You may order directly through our website here at sclcadapter.com or you may give us a call at the number shown above. We aim to get you the right SC to LC adapter for your Fiber Optic Adapter needs. We have different sizes and materials available in our SC to LC adapters so you have a choice depending on your space fiber type and other factors. For example we have plastic versions as well as metal versions, also we have compact verses our regular size. The SC came before the LC so there are a lot of both out there. There has to be a cost effective and space saving way to join the two fiber optic connector types together we feel that our SC to LC adapters have addressed that. The trick is to have the lowest loss possible especially in singlemode applications so we have acheived this with our step type fiber stub for a seamless way of joining an SC to an LC. In our multimode version we have the option in our female to female version of using a ceramic step sleeve only which can be a slightly higher but also a lot more cost effective for a multimode application where a slightly higher loss is not an issue. Thanks for visiting us at sclcadapter.com!
Fiber Optic Part: Part Number: US Price:
     FC Male to LC Female Adapter BA-PLFCLCSM $35.00
     FC Male to SC Female Adapter BA-PLFCSCSM $25.00
     FC Male to ST Female Adapter BA-PLFCSTSM $25.00
     LC Female to MU Female Simplex Adapter BA-SSLCMUSM $25.00
     LC Female to SC Female Singlemode Sleeve Type Adapter BASSSCLCSM-S $20.00
     LC Male to SC Female Adapter BA-PLLCSCSM $25.00
     LC/APC Male to SC/APC Female Adapter BA-PLLCASCAS $45.00
     SC Female to LC Female Adapter BA-SSSCLCSM $25.00
     SC Male to LC Female Compact Adapter BA-PLSCLCSMC $25.00
     SC Male to ST Female Adapter BA-PLSCSTSM $25.00
     SC Male to ST Female Multimode Adapter BA-PLSCSTMM $25.00
     ST Male to SC Female Adapter BA-PLSTSCSM $25.00
     SC Female to MU Female Adapter BA-SSSCMUSM $30.00
     Male SC to Female LC Singlemode Standard Adapter BA-PLSCLCSMS $25.00
     LC Female to SC Female Adapter MM BASSSCLCMM $10.00